vendredi 22 février 2013

Orange necklace

I bought this necklace this week, I like the heart and the color ! 

This is my contribution for "orange you glad it's Friday" :

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vendredi 15 février 2013

Weekend in B & W : what time is it ?

At the clock of the Pantheon in Paris.

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It's Friday with an orange seat for an orange drink

End of week, beginning of the weekend...
an opportunity to have a drink to celebrate it ! 

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lundi 11 février 2013

Macro-Monday : ladybug in the grass

I found this photo taken in summer. The ladybug is a small magical beast, a beautiful creation of nature, a symbol of luck.

This is my contribution to Macro Monday. Click on the badge to see the whole gallery : 


dimanche 10 février 2013

Weekend in B&W : somewhere in Normandy

the trees give a very mysterious look ... provided that a crime has not been committed!
 but I am still alive.

This is my contribution to Weekend in Black and White : see the whole gallery here !

samedi 9 février 2013

Pink Saturday : music of love

To celebrate the Valentine's Day, I have chosen this heart in chocolate taken in the window of my chocolate maker, with this rose band magneto , to listen to music of love ! 

I hope you will enjoy it !

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Last week, my eye was caught by this picture,
this pretty teapot 

vendredi 8 février 2013

Orange little flowers

We can feel a lot of energy in these little flowers.
They belong to my mother who loves flowers and knows how to cure them.

It's ma contribution to Orange you glad it's Friday :

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lundi 4 février 2013

Blue Monday, avec le bleu délicat d'un liseron

with a delicate blue of a bindweed

Blue Monday Instructions

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samedi 2 février 2013

Pink twilight

Sometimes on the road, when night falls, the sky is tinted with pink, the promise of a better tomorrow.

This is my contribution to Pink Saturday with Beverly and others,
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Last week, this picture (link) caught my eye :
and it went well with my pink bicycle in my article

Weekend Black and White with white tulips

this is my participation for Weekend Black and White

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vendredi 1 février 2013

Stewardesses in orange uniforms

For "Orange you're glad it's Friday"

I chose these dolls representing flight attendants, their suitcases, perhaps a small desire to travel ?

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